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Goddess Guan Yin Statue

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This particular Goddess Guan Yin statue is in the canyon cliff which is near the foot of "Zheng Yang Mountain". It’s the highest Guan Yin statue all over the world currently, who is 123 meters high, and 69 meters wide. Goddess Guan Yin holds one net bottle with willow on hand, sits in the lotus platform, sprinkles holy water, smiles amiably and peacefully. The bottle represents great wisdom; the lotus platform features unpolluted great freedom. This Guan Yin who holds net bottle is one out of the 33 Guan Yin incarnate, who is merciful with unlimited wisdom and theurgy. When people suffers, they recite Guan Yin’s name, then the sounds can reach her. So Goddess will come to help and give relief to people. Net bottle in her hand stores magic holy water. Just lightly dip the water by willow, sprinkle over all human beings, can keep away from disaster and obsession, as well as to empower more wisdom.