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Free Life Pond

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Between Lotus Square and Ci Hang Bridge, there is a stream built with free life pond, which is specifically used in release event for believers. 

An ancient book named “Da Zhi Du Lun” said: setting life free ranks No. 1 among all merits. Free Life Pond is one common facility in many Buddhist temples. In order to embody Buddhist compassion, and understand the hearts of all beings, various aquatic animals such as fishes and turtles are stocking here. To release once means to accumulate virtue once, which is a symbol of auspicious gathering and solemn merits. As a good person, we should be firm for good faith. When releasing, do not care about what kind of interests it can bring to you. As long as you want to do, just do it. Raising your head there is God. God is watching what people is doing. Without any doubt, you’ll get returns if you are doing good things.