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Yi Xiao Pavilion

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On one small peak of Dragon’s Back Hill, there’s a Pavilion called Yi Xiao Pavilion, which is opposite to Liu Xiao Pavilion.

A book from Qing Dynasty named ‘Qian Jiang County Record ’mentioned that, in the early Ming dynasty, there was a Wang’s family in the Canyon’s entrance. The father, Wang Fu-sheng "liked to play chess. However, when he lost the game, he felt very angry and downhearted”. So the son Wang San Zheng invited some chess masters from Pu Jia Ying by money, to enjoy the wind and play chess with his father in the hills outside the room when it’s sunny. And they pretended to be defeated to win the father's favor. Later when his father was seriously ill, the son had no money to buy medicines or meat for him, so he cut meat from his own body and cooked for his father. Together with some other medicines, the father got better. After the magistrate heard the story, he was deeply touched by the son’s filial respect to parents. In recognition of this, a pavilion was built on the ridge at his home to facilitate his father play chess. People called it Yi Xiao pavilion. The original pavilion no longer exists, and the current one was newly built.